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147 packages


8 packages.

Name Summary Version
balena-etcher Flash os images to sd cards and usb drives, safely and easily 1.18.11
insomnia Collaborative api client and design tool 2023.5.8
lens Powerful ide for kubernetes 2023.5.120950
mattermost-desktop Desktop application for mattermost 5.7.0
openlens Powerful ide for kubernetes 6.5.2-366
orca-slicer G-code generator for 3d printers 2.0.0
signal-desktop Private messaging from your desktop 7.5.1
teams-for-linux Unofficial microsoft teams for linux client 1.4.29


25 packages.

Name Summary Version
clog-cli Generate beautiful changelogs from your git commit history 0.9.3
coursier Scala application and artifact manager 2.1.9
datanymizer Powerful postgres database anonymizer with flexible rules 0.6.0
github-cli Github on the command line 2.48.0
github-hub Do everyday github tasks without ever leaving the terminal 2.14.2
gitoxide Idiomatic, lean, fast & safe pure rust implementation of git 0.35.0
glab Gitlab on the command line 1.39.0
go-task Task runner / simpler make alternative written in go 3.36.0
hugo Fast and flexible static site generator 0.125.3
influx-cli Command line client for influxdb 2.7.1
kubebuilder Sdk for building kubernetes apis using crds 3.14.1
mask Command-line task runner defined by a simple markdown file 0.11.3
oasdiff Compare and detect breaking changes in openapi specs 1.10.14
pdm Modern python package and dependency manager supporting the latest pep standards 2.15.0
pipx Execute binaries from python packages in isolated environments 1.5.0
poetry Tool for dependency management and packaging in python 1.8.2
pre-commit Framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit hooks 3.7.0
pyenv Simple python version management 2.4.0
pyoxidizer Utility for producing binaries that embed python 0.24.0
python3.10-build-standalone Self-contained and portable cpython build 3.10.9+20230116
python3.11-build-standalone Self-contained and portable cpython build 3.11.1+20230116
rye Comprehensive project and package management solution for python 0.33.0
scala-cli Command-line tool to interact with the scala language 1.2.2
typos-cli Source code spell checker 1.20.10
uv Extremely fast python package installer and resolver 0.1.37


70 packages.

Name Summary Version
act Run your github actions locally 0.2.61
aptly Swiss army knife for debian repository management 1.5.0
argocd Continuous delivery tool for kubernetes 2.10.7
aws-iam-authenticator Kubernetes authentication using aws iam 0.6.14
bank-vaults Make using and operating hashicorp vault easier on kubernetes. 1.15.2
carvel-kapp Simple deployment tool focused on the concept of "kubernetes application" 0.62.0
carvel-ytt Yaml templating tool that works on yaml structure instead of text 0.49.0
container-diff Diff your docker containers 0.17.0
container-structure-test Validate the structure of your container images 1.17.0
dapr Command-line tools for dapr. 1.13.0
datree Prevent kubernetes misconfigurations from reaching production 1.9.19
devspace Developer tool for kubernetes 6.3.12
docker-compose Lightweight development environments using docker 2.26.1
docker-slim Minify docker images by up to 30x 1.40.11
flux Open and extensible continuous delivery solution for kubernetes 2.2.3
gitlab-release-cli Command-line interface for gitlab release 0.17.0
helm Kubernetes package manager 3.14.4
helm-docs Tool for automatically generating markdown documentation for helm charts 1.13.1
helmfile Deploy kubernetes helm charts 0.163.1
iamlive Generate policies from aws calls 1.1.8
infracost Cloud cost estimates for terraform in pull requests 0.10.35
istioctl Command-line interface for istio 1.21.2
k3d Run rancher lab's k3s in docker 5.6.3
k9s Manage your kubernetes clusters with style 0.32.4
kind Deploy kubernetes cluster in docker 0.22.0
kompose Convert docker-compose.yaml into k8s deployments and services 1.32.0
krew Find and install kubectl plugins 0.4.4
krr Prometheus-based kubernetes resource recommendations 1.6.0
kube-no-trouble Easily check your clusters for use of deprecated apis 0.7.2
kube-score Kubernetes object analysis for improved reliability and security 1.18.0
kubectl Command line client for controlling a kubernetes cluster 1.30.0
kubectl-kudo Kubernetes universal declarative operator 0.19.0
kubectl-neat Clean up kubernetes yaml and json output to make it readable 2.0.3
kubectx Kubectl plugin that helps you switch between clusters 0.9.4
kubelogin Kubernetes credential (exec) plugin implementing azure authentication 0.1.3
kubens Kubectl plugin that helps you switch between namespaces 0.9.4
kubeseal Secret management solution for kubernetes 0.26.2
kustomize Kubernetes native configuration management 5.4.1
lazydocker A lazier way to manage everything docker 0.23.1
linkerd Ultralight service mesh for kubernetes 23.12.4
logcli Command-line interface for loki 3.0.0
minikube Quickly set up a local kubernetes cluster 1.33.0
minio-client Command-line interface for minio (mc) 2023-08...
minio-server High performance, kubernetes native object storage 2023-08...
mirrord Develop locally with your kubernetes environment 3.98.1
natscli Command-line interface for nats 0.1.4
opentofu Lets you declaratively manage your cloud infrastructure 1.6.2
operator-sdk Sdk for building kubernetes applications 1.34.1
ops2deb Debian packaging tool for portable applications 2.5.0
packer Create multi-platform machine images from a single source configuration 1.10.3
pluto Discover deprecated apiversions in kubernetes 5.19.0
rancher Command-line interface for rancher 2.8.3
rclone Rsync for cloud storage 1.66.0
restic Fast, secure, efficient backup program 0.16.4
resticprofile Configuration profiles manager for restic backup 0.26.0
rpk Interact with your redpanda clusters 23.3.12
scw Command-line interface for scaleway 2.30.0
skaffold Easy and repeatable kubernetes development 2.11.1
stern Multi pod and container log tailing for kubernetes 1.28.0
telepresence Fast, local development for kubernetes and openshift microservices 2.19.4
terraform Tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely 1.8.2
terraform-docs Generate documentation from terraform modules in various output formats 0.16.0
terraform-switcher Switch between different versions of terraform 1.0.2
terragrunt Provides extra tools for working with multiple terraform modules 0.57.8
tflint Pluggable terraform linter 0.50.3
vault-env Exec a process with vault sourced env vars 1.15.2
velero Backup and migrate kubernetes applications and their persistent volumes 1.13.2
wakemebot Bunch of tools used by our beloved wakemebot 5.0.1
waypoint Build, deploy, and release any application on any platform 0.11.4
wheel2deb Python wheel to debian package converter 0.8.1


11 packages.

Name Summary Version
age Simple, modern and secure file encryption tool, format, and go library 1.1.1
boundary Provide simple and secure access to hosts and services 0.15.4
feroxbuster Fast, simple, recursive content discovery tool 2.10.2
kube-linter Checks kubernetes yaml files and helm charts 0.6.0
kubeaudit Audit your kubernetes clusters against common security controls 0.22.1
sops Simple and flexible tool for managing secrets 3.8.1
terrascan Policy as code for secure cloud infrastructure 1.19.1
trivy Vulnerability and misconfiguration scanner 0.50.4
vault Tool to create, manage and store secrets 1.16.2
vuls-scanner Agent-less vulnerability scanner 0.25.2
xeol End-of-life (eol) package scanner for container images, systems, and sboms 0.9.14


33 packages.

Name Summary Version
bat Cat replacement with syntax highlighting 0.24.0
bottom Cross-platform graphical process/system monitor 0.9.6
chezmoi Manage your dotfiles across multiple diverse machines 2.47.4
choose Human-friendly and fast alternative to cut and sometimes awk 1.3.4
curlie The power of 'curl', the ease of use of 'httpie' 1.7.2
dasel Allows to query and modify data structures using selector strings 2.7.0
diskonaut Terminal disk space navigator 0.11.0
dog Command-line dns client 0.1.0
dust Human-friendly and fast alternative to 'du' 1.0.0
elvish Expressive programming language + versatile interactive shell 0.20.1
exa Modern replacement for 'ls' 0.10.1
eza Modern, maintained replacement for ls, built on exa 0.18.10
fd Human-friendly and fast alternative to 'find' 9.0.0
ghorg Quickly clone an entire org/users repositories into one directory 1.9.10
git-delta Syntax-highlighting pager for git, diff, and grep output 0.17.0
gomplate Flexible commandline tool for template rendering 3.11.7
gotop Terminal based graphical activity monitor 4.2.0
gping Ping, but with a graph 1.16.1
grex Command-line tool and library for generating regular expressions 1.4.5
himalaya Command-line interface for email management 0.7.3
hostctl Manage /etc/hosts from cli 1.1.4
mdbook Create book from markdown files 0.4.37
mergestat Enables sql queries for data in git repositories 0.5.10
nushell New type of shell written in rust 0.92.2
procs Alternative in rust to 'ps' 0.14.5
ripgrep Recursively searches directories for a regex pattern 14.1.0
shell2http Http server to execute shell commands 1.17.0
skim Fuzzy finder in rust 0.9.4
tokei Count your code, quickly 12.1.2
xh User-friendly and fast tool for sending http requests 0.22.0
xsv A fast csv command line toolkit 0.13.0
yq Portable command-line yaml processor 4.43.1
zellij Terminal workspace with batteries included 0.40.0