WakeMeOps is a Debian repository for portable applications.

  • Old releases are kept for three years to let you write reproducible Dockerfiles and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Applications can easily be added through pull requests on Github using a simple YAML configuration file.
  • WakeMeOps is a GitOps project: the state of the Debian repository is declared and managed using Git and CI/CD.
Get started Go to Github

Install and update tools for your terminal

sudo apt install chezmoi xh eza bottom

Write concise and readable Dockerfiles

FROM wakemeops/debian:bullseye

RUN install_packages \
    helm=3.7.2* \
    kustomize=4.4.1* \

USER 1001

Install DevOps tools in your Github pipelines

- name: Install dependencies
  uses: upciti/wakemeops-action@v1
    packages: |

Updated every 2 hours

New releases of supported applications are automatically added within three hours as long as they use semantic versioning.

Community driven

Is your favorite application missing? Open an issue to add it to our repository.

156 debian packages

WakeMeOps contains many devops tools such as kubectx, kubectl-neat, telepresence, iamlive and terminal goodies such as exa, yq, grex, bottom.